Cashmere Wool Women’s Gloves 50cm Long Elastic Vintage Evening vestido Gloves Female Classical French Stylish Elegance TB26

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Please Note, the price is only one pair of gloves price, do not including jewelry price

Cashmere Wool Women\’s Gloves 50cm Long Elastic Vintage Evening Dress Gloves Female Classical French Elegance TB26

Classical Hollywood style. 80% wool cashmere, 20% elastic fiber, suitable for most women, moderate thickness, can be straightened and worn, and can be easily put on to keep natural folds. Wool fabrics may cause discomfort to some sensitive people, especially people wearing wool sweaters, so cashmere ingredients have been added to increase comfort. Some flexibility. It\’s best to dry clean or wash it by hand. Use wool special detergent and wash it with the same color. Material: 40% fine Australian wool, 30% sheep cashmere, 10% cashmere, 20% imitation cashmere fiber. Medium thickness, no lining, warmth, super repairman was thin, suitable for the spring and autumn amp; southern winter. Size: All size, flat 50cm long, suitable for palm circumference 20cm or less. Model palm circumference 19cm, wear appropriate. Hand circumference measurement method: Use a soft ruler to measure around the palm of your hand, excluding the thumb. Here is the price of a pair of gloves. Black Color

Dark gray is as follows: This is a cool-colored ash, which can add a sense of depth to dark clothing. Every woman should have a variety of gray items that look very wearable and well understood.

Medium gray is as follows: Very neutral gray, basically no variegated, with a high degree of friendliness of other colors, with a light-colored system is very high sense.

Light gray is as follows: The official name is pearl heather, it is pearl gray, looks warm gray.

The dark brown color is as follows: The personal feeling is the best color matching in the inside. In winter, the coat is mainly earth-colored. The dark brown accessories are the most secure.

Light brown is as follows: Camel, a very sweet color, is Pan Tong\’s annual release of the popular colors in the Earth\’s lighter shade of one.

The dark blue color is as follows: classic navy blue, essential winter essential color. It is very popular recently with dark blue with green and various other colorful colors. The owner of the shop used a pair of old green clothes to show it.

Red is as follows: very positive red, very bright Chinese red, brighten the dark colors throughout the winter, the whole people are very energetic, very energetic sexy and charming color.

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