3.7V lithium battery 302030 032030 140mah MP3 MP4 GPS Bluetooth cell battery toys

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Capacity :140MAH

Rated voltage :3 .7V

Charging voltage :4 .2V

Size:Thick 3MM *W 20MM *Length 30MM

Nature :MP3 MP4 MP5 GPSNavigator , Bluetooth headset , small stereo , small toys , security products , PDAs , e-books , voice recorder , mobile power , flashlight and other audio.

Prompt1: We sell a variety of sizes polymer lithium battery , model range is not exhaustive biography, if not found in Pu satisfied with the size , please contact us, welcome to order !

Prompt2: Product appearance is affected by many factors , there may be a neutral picture indicates that this model, pictures for reference only, to prevail in kind .

[ Polymer lithium polymer battery ]3.7VWith protection board

Nominal voltage:3.7V

Charging voltage:4.2V

The main features:

1, High discharge platform , the average voltage exceeds3.7V, Low resistance , fast charging time

2, Good security , with over charge protection, over -discharge protection, over current protection

3ProtectICTechnical Parameters: Overcharge protection voltage4.20V 0.05V

4, Over- discharge protection voltage2.7V 0.1V

5Overcurrent protection3.0 1 .0A (2.7V ~ 4.25V)

6Discharge temperature:-20 C ~ +60 C

7ProtectICParameter: Overcharge protection voltage4.20V 0.05V, Over- discharge protection voltage2.7V 0.1V
, High voltage,High energy density
9, Long cycle life,Safe
10, Shape , size, spiritual words
11, Self-discharge, pollution

12Application:MP3/MP4Bluetooth/ GPRS / GPSPhone ,PDA, Small toys,Digital cameras and cameras and other digital products .

The main features:

1.Various sizes : Type and capacity options,Applicability

2.Quality Assurance: UseAProduct batteries,High Capacity,Low internal resistance

3.Stable performance: Long cycle life:Continuous charge and discharge500After time , the battery capacity is not less than the rated capacity80% .

4.No memory effect: any time to charge and discharge

5.Safe: Built-in circuit protection board Seiko,A short circuit , overcharge , over discharge, under shock, vibration, acupuncture , heat, and other states no fire, no explosion and so on.


Battery Handling Precautions: prohibit the use of a sharp object to touch the foil packaging materials, not bend the top edge, not open or destroy the hems , pole bending ears fragile ban prohibiting fallImpactBend the battery at any time prohibit the use of short-circuit or reverse polarity battery .

Other matters : to prevent a short circuit within the battery pack strictly prohibited remove the battery , the battery in a fire is prohibited , prohibited the battery immersed in liquid ( such as: water, drinks , juice, coffee ) , they shall not replace the battery , prohibit the use of a damaged battery .

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Liter energy battery






MP3 / MP4 Player




Battery Pack


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